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Building and Construction Software Features

Construction Snapshot is an online app designed for building and construction project management. Built from the ground up, our software is designed to help you manage and communicate with your clients, contractors, and stakeholders more effectively.

Some of the key Project Management Software features include:

Easy to Read Building and Project Management Dashboard

Clarity is critical. The Construction Project Dashboard displays all of the essential elements of your project in one convenient location. Your snapshot includes

Progress Management

Track Commercial Construction projects in real-time. Our building and construction software allows you to get a real-time snapshot of your project. Monitor every element, including tasks, teams, costs, change orders, and more. Increased efficiency, aided by scaffolding wrap advertising, makes every step of your commercial construction project easier, faster and cheaper. If you are struggling to manage cash flow and the demands of your construction business, then asset finance at https://www.strategicbusinessfinance.co.uk/blog/asset-finance-for-construction is a great solution.

Complete Project History

See all of your current and archived commercial construction projects as easily as tapping on your screen. Search for old projects, or see all of the active projects right from your mobile device.

Streamlined Communication with all project stakeholders

There is no need to waste time looking for the latest email or text message. With Construction snapshot construction project management software, you can easily send messages and updates to every member of the team or just a select few. Every key stakeholder is updated in minutes, making sure everyone is always on the same page.

Contact Management

Keep every phone number, email, and address at your fingertips. You can store and manage an unlimited number of contacts within the app to make sure you can reach out to any team member whenever you need to you can also click here for more info.

Key Construction Project Document Storage – All in One Place

The Document Management Tools provided by Construction snapshot provides an efficient system for document management and archiving. Sort documents by type and function so you and your team can download what they need when they need it in the office or on-site.

Simplified Construction Project Management Software Features

Don’t overpay for prohibitively complex Construction Management Software with more features than you need. Construction Snapshot is an easy to learn and use tool that you can customize for your needs. Set it up so you can see what you want the way you want and don’t need to spend hours looking over online support documents just to find out how to upload a blueprint.

In-App Weather Reports

Rain or shine, you will always know what to expect with the in-app weather reporting widget. Set the location of the project, and you can see the current weather and the upcoming forecast.