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Construction Document Management and Sharing Software

Project Document Sharing Software

When you want to find files easily and quickly, you need the right construction document management software at your fingertips. Construction Snapshot organizes all your construction documents and provides sorting, tracking, organizing, sharing, editing and more options for every member of your team. You’ll be communicating better and saving time.

Construction Document Management Software Specifically Designed for Commercial Construction

Central Hub

Make Construction Snapshot your central hub for all your key documents. This document management system is designed with commercial construction in mind, which means you’ll get the functions and reports that are truly meaningful for your business. You’ll find it easy to implement into your routine. Because all your information is mobilized, your entire team will be in the loop at all times.


Quickly share documents with team members, no matter where they are. When everything is in one place, you won’t waste precious minutes trying to locate the proper documentation. A complex construction project needs a streamlined management system to keep all the different parts together.


Have a lot of documents and files? We understand. Commercial construction is a paper-heavy industry, and it involves all kinds of data, including quotes, building specs, client info, and much more. Store everything on Construction Snapshot, and we’ll keep your files organized and secure.

A better organizational system means less growing pains as your construction company expands. We design the system around you, so we’ll grow with you when it’s time to add something new.

The Benefits of Construction Project Management Software

Save Time

Our simplified document management system makes information available whenever and wherever you need it. Upload files from your office computer or your mobile device. There’s no need to print everything out before you go on-site. Share documents with your team without interrupting them with phone calls or emails. All changes are made in real-time.

Automated Notifications

Construction Snapshot makes it easy to notify everyone about changes made to a document. Our real-time document management system ensures everyone is always on the same page.

Define Groups

You have the capabilities to give certain people permission to view documents, while others won’t be able to see the documents. By creating groups, the right people on your team will receive the notifications they need. We keep your documents safe and secure with varying levels of permission.

Reduce Project Costs

By making the latest copy of your documents readily available in the field, you’re helping improve overall productivity. Your crew will have key information on their phones, preventing errors and confusion. Accuracy and precision count in the construction industry. We give you the tools to be as accurate as possible at all times. You’ll also save money on paper and printing.

Designed to Support Everyone

Everyone benefits from Construction Snapshot. Architects, engineers, construction teams, and sub-contractors all have access to the correct documents at every stage of your project. We make conversations easier for smoother transitions and better decision-making.

Collaborate from Anywhere in the App

Construction Snapshot’s document management platform allows your construction company to collaborate with external companies. As you work on a project together, you can share and access documents. We give you the tools you need to mark up plans and drawings right on your device, and then share the changes in real-time. Construction Snapshot is readily available to everyone on the project, whether they are in the office, on the job site, or traveling.

Interested in Streamlining Your Commercial Construction Document Management?

When you’re ready to talk to us about document management, please contact us. We’ll schedule a demo, so you can experience firsthand how Construction Snapshot can change the way your company works. We make your life easier on the job, so you can improve your communication and your bottom line.